SGMA sends students to experience Emmaus Bible College

This evening at 9:15pm, a team of 14 high school students and 5 chaperones will fly out from Atlanta to the Discover Emmaus Weekend(see list of team below).  We will be met in Chicago by the folks from Emmaus and travel to the college late tomorrow night (a 3 hour drive).  They will house and feed us while we are there and will take us back to Chicago on Saturday afternoon as we travel back to Atlanta.

We ask for your continued prayers for this trip as we believe God has orchestrated something here that will pay great dividends to the 5 churches represented.  Along with a $1000.00 gift from Stewards Ministries (thanks Clifford!), SGMA’s investment will go a long way in the development of our “farm system” to use a cheap baseball reference.  Please pray that God captures the heart of the students to consider Emmaus Bible College in their future.

Students Attending:

M.J. Hart (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Sierra Hart (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Andrew Levy (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Kaleb Sixto (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Jordan Maney (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Darius Middlebrooks (Community Bible Chapel)
C.J. Middlebrooks (Community Bible Chapel)
Trent Lopez (Conyers Bible Chapel)
P.J. Danville (Victory World Church)
Tranyia Williams (New Beginnings Bible Church)
Kim Daniels (New Beginnings Bible Church)
Brittany Booker (New Beginnings Bible Church)
Dneria Foster (New Beginnings Bible Church)
Antrice Freeman (New Beginnings Bible Church)

Michael Hart (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Pamela Hart (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Karen Levy (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Pat Maney (Decatur Bible Chapel)
Shawn Irons (Decatur Bible Chapel)


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