Discover Emmaus Weekend

Praise the Lord for a great weekend at DEW.  Everyone is back home safely.  Please continue to pray for the youth as God directs their decisions on College. Remember Brittany, M.J., Darius, and Trent as they are all seniors and P.J. who has already graduated high school. (see student comments below)


From the Bunch

Thank you to SGMA for sponsoring the trip, I greatly appreciate it. From this experience, which I wouldn’t have been able to experience on my own, I learned much about the school. Never did I feel intimidated by this new environment. The friendliness of the students, made me feel like I was a student myself. And I learned much from sitting in on just two classes; abnormal psych. and a computer class. So once again, thank you SGMA!

– Peter Danvile, Jr (aka PJ)

Emmaus was really amazing and I’m glad I got the opportunity to take this trip. My favorite part of the weekend was getting to experience the family environment at Emmaus as well as getting a glimpse of what college might be like. I also really enjoyed the classroom environment because the classes were interesting and the professors kept my attention very well. Overall, the trip to Emmaus was great and I am really very grateful for the opportunity to be able to go.

-Sierra Hart

I want to say thanks to SGMA for giving us the opportunity to visit Emmaus. I had a really great time and I enjoyed all of the events. Emmaus will definitely be a choice in deciding what school I would attend. Once again thanks for the opportunity.

-Darius Middlebrooks

I had the best time at Emmaus. I am very much considering going to Emmaus now. It was very interesting learning how to program and learning about psychology. I have never got a chance to actually sit in on college classes, (and ironically it was better than regular school). The food was absolutely wonderful, but most of all, everyone I met or talked to was always so friendly. Everyone, and that is something that cannot be said about other colleges. I look forward to visiting again, and possibly attending later.



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  1. Philip Boom on

    Thank you for coming to our Discover Emmaus Weekend. We’re glad to have met you all!

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