By facilitating the formation of new evangelistically-oriented congregations.

  • Recruiting and training potential church planters
  • Coaching and supporting those planters
  • Assisting new church plants organizationally and financially
  • Helping congregations who are considering the formation of new churches or other primary outreach strategies

Encouragement of Leaders

By providing leadership development events for those in key influencing roles in existing churches.

  • For emerging leaders
  • For church elders, key leaders and spouses
  • For full-time ministry people
  • For others, as required

Development of a Co-operative Network of Churches

By developing a co-operative and supportive network of churches who share common theology, purposes and convictions.

  • Providing valuable communication links: Newsletter “Perspective”
  • Providing assistance to churches seeking ministry personnel
  • Opening doors for those seeking ministry opportunities
  • Providing help for churches in crisis when they request it.
  • Help planteaued churches get refocussed.
  • Providing administrative



Establish Relationships with Institutes of Higher Learning

By establishing relationships with Seminaries and Bible Colleges, we will have the opportunity to recruit the cream of the crop.

  • Carver bible College
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Luther Rice Seminary
  • Wheaton College
  • Columbia International University
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